Natural Pest Control Methods: Safe and Effective Pest Control Service

Natural pest control is not as expensive as purchasing and applying chemicals that control pests. It is also safer for your family, garden, the environment and the wildlife. Perhaps, you might be wondering how you can control pests in your home using natural methods. There are several ways of controlling pests in your home without using harmful chemicals.


The most effective way of controlling pests naturally is not letting them into your property first so that you can control them. Instead, you need to keep pests from getting in to your property. Most pests such as bugs, cockroaches and ants are attracted into a home by water and food. You can keep them off by keeping your home clean. Take garbage out on regular basis and store drinks and foods in tight containers. This will deter most pests from entering your home. If there are water sources around your home, remove them. Additionally, if there are entry points for pests, seal them off. These are some of the natural methods that will prevent pests from invading your property. On enlisting our pest control service, we will help in you in preventing pests from invading your property using natural methods.

Use beneficial insects

Some insects prey on certain pests. These can be purchased from catalogues and they will prey in the larvae of harmful insects. There are numerous species that can be used to solve certain pest problems. For instance, brachonids, Ichneumon wasps and chalcids prey on leaf-eating caterpillars. These can be attracted into a garden by planting plants of the Umbelliferae family such as caraway, parsley, celery and carrots. These plants grow easily and you should leave them to flower since the insects are attracted by the flower. On enlisting our pest control service, we will introduce beneficial insects in your property to control pests that are giving you sleepless nights.

Homemade and non-toxic remedies

These offer inexpensive ways of controlling pests naturally. People have used homemade sprays in controlling pests for many years and realized positive results. Most of these remedies usually involve noxious ingredients like cayenne, garlic, horsetail and stinging nettles that are diluted using water and blended to make a spray that is applied on plants to control pests. We can come up with such remedies for you once you enlist our service.

Use of barriers and traps

Our technicians are knowledgeable and experienced in using barriers and traps to control pests. These include apple maggot traps, yellow flypaper, pheromones, and cloche among others.

Peppermint oil

Peppermint oil is an effective deterrent of rodents. Using it, our technicians soak cotton balls or rag in peppermint oil. They place it in areas where rodents have their activities. Rodents will flee from your home because they allergic to it. This natural method of controlling pests is very effective in controlling rodents like rabbits.

Generally, there are many natural ways of controlling pests. Watch our Youtube video for the best and most effective natural pest control service, contact us any time and we will respond immediately.

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